Baby Delight!

June 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I got my baby fix a few days ago, and it was heavenly!  This darling little baby girl was wide awake, and even though I hadn't done a newborn session where the subject never fell asleep, it was perfect!  Not only did she smile and coo at me the whole time, but (and I'm not exaggerating) her head smelled like cotton candy.  Literally.  

I wanted to take her home!  Look at this face!

This has got to be my favorite baby photo of all time.  

The light was just natural light from the window over the couch, (no flashes going off in baby's face please!) so for the next picture I decided to position her so the light was falling on her face.  It wasn't very bright, but with a few tweaks in Photo Shop I was able to create this:

Isn't that precious?!  Her innocent face looking up at the soft light, and you just want to kiss that cheek!  

Also, I kind of fell in love with a soft sepia tone while editing these.  It just fit the softness of her skin so beautifully!  

See how happy she was?  Just heart-melting.  This last photo that I'll share, I must admit I had some doubts about it.  I'd found the idea on Pinterest, and I'm always hesitant to try to copy a certain pose from that website.  Either it won't live up to my (or the client's) expectations, or it might just be  a complete flop.  But my wonderful client thought it would be fun to try, and I agreed.  I'm so glad I gave it a shot, because (tooting my own horn just a bit here) It's awesome!!  One of those rare times when something turns out even better than the Pinterest version.

 Isn't that sweet?  Of course, it helps that their wedding rings are gorgeous!  I enjoyed this session so much, and I was able to get that baby craving out of my system.  Too bad that doesn't last long, so please somebody else get in touch so I can book another newborn session!  (I miss that cotton candy smell already.)


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