Girl In A Field - Recreated

August 06, 2019  •  2 Comments

My little 2-year-old niece is the sweetest thing! She was so excited to dress up and have Auntie Rachel take her picture. My inspiration for this image was a darling painting by Ludwig Knaus called Girl in a Field. Since it was August and all the wildflowers in bloom, I knew the timing was perfect! Here's the original painting:

Girl In A Field Isn't it precious??

We found a field carpeted with white bindweed flowers (you know, the ones that look like tiny morning glories) and hopped the irrigation ditch. Little J immediately bent over and began picking the flowers, as if she knew just what I wanted!

I spent hours on my computer adding more flowers to the field, adding darker green shrubs behind her and painting in a blue sky. Once it was finished, it looked exactly the way I had envisioned it, which is always a bonus. :-)  Here's the final image:

We decided to use a sweet vintage apron belonging to my mother, and I love the added pop of color it gives. I know my sister will treasure this image of her baby girl forever!

Location: Olmstead Place State Park, Ellensburg Washington



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