Wedding Rings and Blooming Things

March 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's been my dream to do wedding photography for a long time!  I'm working through a 30-day course right now, (only 1 week left!) and have been doing some practice shots.  I used my and my husband's wedding bands, and did some photos with them in different locations. 

I liked some of the results, and put them in the NEW "Weddings" gallery on my website!  I hope to find some friends who'll volunteer to get dressed up in a wedding gown and be the guinea pigs for some bride photos. :-)  Here's the one that's my favorite, just because I love tea cups:

Wedding Rings in a Teacup by Silverleaf Photography Bend, OregonWedding Rings in a Teacup by Silverleaf Photography Bend, OregonA set of wedding rings inside a white tea cup, by Silverleaf Photography Bend, Oregon


I wish the photographer at our wedding 12 years ago had done some detail shots like this!  We hired the cheapest one we could find.  (I know.  Don't EVER do that!) She was a lovely person, and got some okay pictures.  But I've wished so many times that I had a wedding photo I really loved.  That's been the drive behind my new goal: to give every bride I work with the photos I wish I could have had! 

Yesterday was so beautiful, it really felt like Spring.  The kids and I spent a lovely afternoon outside, soaking up sunshine.  Of course I followed them around with the camera, but they're used to that by now!  We were excited to find a few clusters of miniature iris blooming.  Our first flowers of Spring!


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