An Old-West Adventure

March 17, 2014  •  1 Comment


Yesterday was an interesting combination of fun (visiting an Old-West style town in Oregon) and not so fun (car sick kiddos!).  In fact, the only reason we stopped at this picturesque place was so the poor kids could get some fresh air!  But it was a cloud with a silver lining, since we discovered a place we definitely want to revisit in the future. 

This old wood stove was inside a jail house!  The building was from the mid 1800's, and had three small cells.  It wasn't well lit, but the afternoon sun was coming through the door and lit up this pretty antique just enough for a photo.  I was drawn to it because of the delicate pattern and curving shape.

This weather-beaten piano was standing on the porch of an abandoned saloon.  I wonder how many years of music and fun it brought to the lives of the long-ago town?

This entire town was full of false fronts, boardwalks, old signs and charm!  I think it would be a fun place for an engagement shoot, or family photos.  My kids had fun climbing up into the old jail wagon, and having their picture taken as a 'criminal' holding the bars! :) 

If you're considering a trip through Oregon, you should consider a stop in Shaniko!  The town is 'open' April through September. 


Dotha Patterson(non-registered)
I recognized it as Shaniko by your description. I visited that jail cell also. The little ice cream shop (not sure if it is still there) had really good ice cream too. Sick kids might not have made that a good choice for a treat though. The little sandwich shop had good sandwiches when I was there.

Back in the 70's or early 80's when motorcycle gangs were around, one gang came and took over the town for a few hours. My neighbor and her father in law were there when this happened and it was frightening.

It is sad the old hotel is closed now.
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