Tom Sawyer Goes Fishing

August 21, 2019  •  60 Comments

Sometimes when I see a certain location I get really excited! Maybe there's amazing light or the scenery fits perfectly with an idea for a portrait. When I saw the branch that reached across this creek, I knew I had to shoot a Tom Sawyer themed image there! When I create an image purely from my imagination instead of using a painting for inspiration it can be a challenge. On the downside, there are no guidelines for costume or posing. But on the plus side, there are no guidelines for costume or posing! :-) 

All we needed for this image was a boy, a straw hat and a long stick for a fishin' pole. Much editing (to add patches and dirt) later, and I was beyond thrilled with this portrait! His mother was, too. She'll love having this moment in her boy's life on the wall for many years!

The only thing missing from my photo was a little element of magic, so I added a tiny butterfly perched on the fishing pole. It looks like Tom Sawyer caught a fish but doesn't want to disturb the butterfly! And now it's perfect.


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